Weekly Poetry Day II

One week has passed already. It is time again. This week’s poem is by Christian Wiman. I discovered it sort of accidentally on Verse Daily about one and a half years ago. I like it for its subtle humor and the fact that it rhymes, as the title suggests. Rhymed poetry has been on the decline for years now and it is always nice to see some poets coming back to the old "values."

Rhymes for a Watertower

A town so flat a grave’s a hill,
         A dusk the color of beer.
A row of schooldesks shadows fill,
         A row of houses near.

A courthouse spreading to its lawn,
         A bank clock’s lingering heat.
A gleam of storefronts not quite gone,
         A courthouse in the street.

A different element, almost,
         A dry creek brimming black.
A light to lure the darkness close,
         A light to keep it back.

A time so still a heart’s a sound,
         A moon the color of skin.
A pumpjack bowing to the ground,
         Again, again, again.

Christian Wiman
Hard Night
Copper Canyon Press

(Taken from Verse Daily | http://www.versedaily.org/2005/rhymesforawatertower.shtml)


3 thoughts on “Weekly Poetry Day II

  1. Oh, René, haven’t I taught you anything? “Rhymed poetry is on the decline”—what a cliché! Richard Wilbur? Decline. Glyn Maxwell? Decline. A. E. Stallings? Decline. Geoff Brock for that matter? Decline.

    Sigh, says the teacher. :-)

  2. You know there’s always an exception or two. I’m well aware of the poets you mentioned, and others, but it has been an overall trend that poems are unrhymed, along with free verse. And I can understand that because it is “easier” to write unrhymed, free verse poetry.

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