Freedom Replaces Trade

The first column for the new Freedom Tower was put up at Ground Zero in downtown Manhattan, over five years after the attacks on the World Trade Center. It is very strange to think about it. I can’t possibly imagine a different building standing there. Even after actually looking into that big hole at Ground Zero myself I still could not believe that the Twin Towers were gone. Which is kind of strange because usually seeing is believing, isn’t it, but in that case it was not. So trying to picture the new tower is entirely beyond me.

The Freedom Tower can be the most beautiful building in the world and there can be dozens of memorial plaques all over the place, it just will not be the same. It will not feel right, not even over here in Europe. Something will always be missing on New York’s skyline, the city will be scarred forever, but not the New Yorkers’ spirits. That’s what I love about the people there: nothing can crush them. When I visited the city about nine months after 9/11 it felt like the New Yorkers were the only Americans that could actually cope with the problems. Almost as if they wanted to say, "You can’t fuck with us; not with our heads." If the rest of the country had an attitude similar to that of the people in NYC, the world just might be a better place after all. Is a new Freedom (!!) Tower going to change that?


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