Last week, TIME Magazine named its person of the year again. It is a rather surprising choice because this year it is You. Well, you and you and you as well. I am person of the year, too. In fact, we all are. This is too strange to describe so you better read the cover story yourself.

I have a lot of reservations towards this decision. TIME just wants to be the subject of discussion again. It is successful in doing so—hell! I even talk about it—by putting virtually everyone on the cover of the person-of-the-year issue. This is analogous to the nifty mirror one can buy that has a red frame, like the TIME cover, and has "TIME – Person of the Year" engraved on it. (One of those can be seen in The Big Lebowski by the Coen Brothers.)

Whatever happened to naming an individual person that really mattered in the course of a year? It all started with the issue from January 3, 1983, when "The Computer" was "Machine of the Year" 1982. As far as I know this was the first time a non-person was given that "honor." Then there was "Endangered Earth – Planet of the Year" 1988 (issue Jan. 2, 1989), and now this. Why not put Kofi Annan on the cover, or Anna Politkovskaya, or Vladimir Putin, for that matter? And if it really has to be something rather "abstract," why not have the H5N1 virus up there, which really made the world go round this year?

Who would You like to be "Person of the Year" (since You are already it)? Family members don’t count because it goes without saying that they are our "Persons of the Year."


6 thoughts on “You

  1. But it’s a different kind of attention. There is at least some sort of justification for choosing Khomeini, even though it’s a negative one. It’s like Hitler being declared Man of the Year in January of 1939 (before he invaded Poland!), or Bush at the end of 2000 and 2004, though that’s a little different. But at least those “Men of the Years” were actual, individual people; no sign of this You bullshit that we’re “stuck with” this time.

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