So far, the day has not gotten better than it already is. But let me tell you about some things that have been going around in my head the past two or three days. They are more or less insignificant (or are they?), so do not expect anything big.

Apparently, whether someone is religious or not is actually rooted in the genes. Thank god; or probably not.

– – –

It came to my mind that all those fancy U.S. TV shows, especially medical and crime series (e.g. C.S.I. or House M.D.), really increase the viewers’ vocabularies. At first, all that doctor and cop lingo seems too much, but one gets the hang of it: DA – distric attorney; GSW – gun shot wound (I never understood why they use the abbreviation here because saying it just takes longer); GSR – gun shot residue; TOD – time of death; COD – cause of death; and all those medical terms that I can never remember.

– – –

The website of the Paris Review features an old interview with James Thurber. You can download it as a PDF from their site. It’s pretty long, which means I have not read the whole thing yet, but it gives some insights into the New Yorker‘s editing processes back in the fourties and fifties. Especially the excerpt that you can read on the download page ties in nicely with Peter Carlson’s Washington Post article on the New Yorker‘s cartoon picking procedure and with a post and its comments on Andrew Shields’s blog.

– – –

The very recent song "Summer Wine" by Ville Valo and Natalia Avelon reminds me a lot of Kylie Mingogue and Nick Cave’s "Where The Wild Roses Grow." I do not very much like either one of them.

– – –

Germany is debating whether the military should be aloud to shoot down planes that were hi-jacked by terrorists when civilians are aboard, thus maybe saving more lives "on the ground" than they would end "in the air." This is such a preposterous discussion and the mere fact that the issue came up supports my decision of not going back there.

– – –

Check out C. Dale Young’s crazy encounters with his patients. How funny.

– – –

The year’s first tennis week is slowly but surely coming to a close. More on this after the finals.


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