Blues News

Yesterday, I came upon a blues singer named Seasick Steve. On his website he describes himself as "a real American, trainhopping, jailbirding, cowboying, carnival working, migrant farm picking, occassional tramping, near-fatal heart attack surviving old hobo. The real deal." A ten-minute live video is available on the website and there are three songs from his new album Dog House Music that you can download for free.

So I checked them out and they sound quite promising. The hobo image really comes across but in a very positive way. It is also interesting to know that he customizes all of his instruments, e.g. his "Three-Stringed Trance Wonder." For more info on his unconventional instruments take a look at his Wikipedia entry.

Another blues man whom I have been listening to for about a year now is Alvin Youngblood Hart. I will not go into any details other than that his music is really something. He lives up to his name and plays with a lot of h[e]art. Sample audio bits of the majority of his songs are available on his website.


This weekend’s New Yorker cartoon (January 6 & 7)


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