Ramble, Ramble

The two great TV shows 24 and Scrubs both started off into their sixth seasons. 24 went back on the air with a four hour season premiere on Sunday and Monday. Scrubs already came back several weeks ago and it is as great as ever.

The extremely hysterical Family Guy is also on air again but they started showing the very first episodes. In case you have never seen this one you have to check it out. The show is even better than The Simpsons, especially little Stewie who always tries to kill his mom or take over the whole world. "Victory is mine."


Just out of curiosity I checked whether there were any good WordPress domains available for my upcoming ramblings about Thomas Pynchon and Marcel Proust. That way I can blog about these two quite large topics in their own places. I did get the two best domains possible for this: pynchon.wordpress.com and proust.wordpress.com. I could not believe they were still available. Go ahead and bookmark them for later.


Daily Cartoon (January 9)


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