The Art of Reading…

Against the Day on the internet.

During my very early—and so far minimal—preparations for reading Thomas Pynchon I realized that I probably will not have to buy Against the Day at all. So many people review this novel and blog about it or what not that anyone could just read it on-line.

Especially the very enthusiastic day-by-day or page-by-page bloggers put extracts in their AtD posts en masse. It is only a matter of compiling all the quoted passages. I am absolutley certain that by now the whole novel is floating around in the infinite space of the internet in bits and pieces. Thus, the postmodernist author and his novel are chopped up in the postmodernist medium par excellence. This is probably what Mr. Pynchon dreamed of all his life and thanks to modern technology it is finally possible.

Imagine him sitting at his computer right now, if he owns one, googling his own name in combination with the title of his most recent book, reading all these weblogs about that book and thinking, "You stupid little bastards don’t get a damn thing, and I love it."


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