What the Apple?

Apple is not about computers anymore. Apple is about money now. Well, it always has been but now more so than ever. In his keynote at the MacWorld expo Steve Jobs announced that Apple Computers from now on is called Apple Inc.

Why would they do such a thing, you ask? Because computers have only been of peripheral interest ever since the iPod really kicked in about three years ago. It is even more obvious now with this completely overdone iPhone coming out, not to mention iTV.

iPhone? What the fuck! An iPod that you can use as a phone and camera; or a phone that you can take photos with while you listen to music; or whatever else you can do with this hellish device from Silicon Valley that only has one button. Yes, only one button. And the damn thing is 4.5 inches (11.5 cm) big. Who would want a phone of that size? But that is probably why they very openly state that this thing is almost an iPod because those can be a bit bigger, and it does not matter as much anymore whether your phone fits in your pocket.

The worst part is that people actually want an iPhone. Well, they do not really want it, they just think they do because the ad industry and people like Mr Jobs trick them into having needs they do not have at all.

But what do I care? I just hope that Apple Inc. does not become the new Microshit® as far as their computers are concerned.


Daily Cartoon (January 10)


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