Some surprises, some not-so surprises at this year’s Golden Globe Awards, which just ended a couple of minutes ago. Among the winners were Martin Scorsese (director, The Departed), Sacha Baron Cohen (actor comedy/musical, Borat), Eddie Murphy (supporting actor, Dreamgirls), Forest Whitaker (actor drama, The Last King of Scotland; he had tears in his eyes), Helen Mirren (several times), Dreamgirls (comedy/musical; not Little Miss Sunshine to my disappointment), Babel (drama).

TV shows were not as important. Zach Braff did not win for his performance on Scrubs. Kiefer Sutherland did not receive an award for 24, Hugh Laurie won instead for House (which is just as good) and his acceptance speech was fabulous.

Have a look at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association‘s website for the complete list.


Great match between Maria Sharapova and Camille Pin. Sharapova almost got kicked out of the tournament by the French and she forgot there is no tie-break in the last set at the Aussie Open. When it was 6-6 in the third, she actually wanted to play a tie-break. In her defense: it was over 40°C/104°F on the court.


Daily Cartoon (January 16)


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