Coming Up

The rest of January and February are going to be quite busy. There are three readings coming up next week: Thomas Hettche with his fairly new book Woraus wir gemacht sind; Gary Shteyngart (Absurdistan) and Mark Costello (Big If) will read from their novels on Friday and take part in a symposium on Saturday. I will go to all of these events which means I want to have all three books read by then.

There is a Kandinsky exhibition at one of the museums in town (until February 4th) and I want to go before they take all the paitings back to the Tate Modern.

A lot of books still need to be read (apart from the aforementioned), and when I have finished them a lot more will be awaiting.

Also, a couple of papers need to be written. I hate this, though, mostly because of all the secondary literature I apparently have to read in order to write them. Yea, right. Screw you!!!

The semester is coming to a close already (only four weeks left). This means I have to study for a bunch of finals. Ain’t gonna happen (probably). I hate studying.
Anyhoo, it feels like this semester just started two weeks ago and it is already over again. I am thinking about officially complaining about the shortness of semesters. Summer and winter semesters (or, newly spring and fall) should be at least twenty weeks each, instead of fourteen or fifteen. This would lead to fourty weeks of in-class studies and twelve weeks of holidays, four in winter (mid-December to mid-January) and eight in summer (June and July). But I will never find any supporters for this (lazy bastards!). In order to console me, the university already announced the courses for next semester. This got me all excited. We are going to be a little short on lectures, though.


Today’s feature on Poetry Daily is quite good. It takes a common phrase literally.


Weekend Cartoon


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