Radio Rainbows

The post about the striking writers is going to have to wait. I’m trying myself at a little more thorough research and such stuff (“that dreams are made on”).

Only today have I realized that Radiohead have released a new album on October 10, entitled In Rainbows. The “strange” thing about it is that the band put it up for download at their website, letting people decide for themselves how much they would want to pay for it. So you can put in any price from £0.00 to £99.99 (they don’t allow anything higher than that).

You can get the album here: And here is a New York Times opinion piece about this stunt.

It was quite weird to type three zeros in the price field because this openly states to the artists, “I’m not going to pay for your great work.” I can imagine it is an even weirder feeling than downloading music from a P2P network, where one at least does not practically rub it in the face of the artist directly. But this just goes to show that there are still musicians out there, popular ones at that, who care more about the music and about delivering it to the public than about the profits from ever declining record sales; most of which would go to the labels anyways. There are plenty of other ways they can earn their livings; concerts, for example. Then they would at least get in touch with the fans again and maybe realize what the true meaning behind their music is and what that feels like.

By the way, In Rainbows is an incredible album, very creative, calm at times, even dreamful. The tunes are catchy and come with a drift-off guarantee—drifting off by the listener, that is, not the music. The music and Thom Yorke’s voice are always one step ahead of the listener’s ear, waiting to catch the mind by melodious surprise, only to take it some place else entirely.

Get a hold of the album and prepare for a wonderful ride.

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4 thoughts on “Radio Rainbows

  1. Once I read about it again today, it sort of rang a bell. I faintly remembered hearing about it earlier. But it must not have registered back then. Lately, strange things are going on…

  2. Dude, I’d sent you the e-mail telling you about it. Even with a link to an NYT article. That was like in September or something. So much for not registering… ;)

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