A Poem for National Poetry Month, Day 1

It is April, once again—was there not an April just last year?—and that means National Poetry Month in the U.S. For that reason, I shall post or link to a favorite poem of mine every day until the 30th of this “cruellest of months.”

Opening the field will be a poem I particularly cherish. In fact, this won the very first round of Andrew’s Daily Poem Project (DPP) in 2004. Back then, I voted for it in the final round and I already knew at the stage of its weekly win that this would be my overall winner. (By the way, the fourth DPP is going on right now over at Andrew’s blog (cf. link above). Go check it out.)

So without further ado, here it is (paradoxically, please read on before you click the link):

Simon Armitage, “The Shout”

What is nice about Poetry Archive is that it simultaneously presents the poem and an audio recording of it done by the poet. So please do both at the same time in this case: listen to the recording while you read along; or read along while you are listening to it. Either way should work.

Come back tomorrow for the second installment of daily versified language. I myself am curious what it is going to be.

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