A Poem for NPM, Day 2

The following poem I hold very dear to my heart because it is this fantastic little piece that got me hooked to the entire genre. Reading and analyzing this poem in class, I saw for the first time what poetry could really do. Before, it was all just dull blabber by some gray-haired old men who could not get over the fact that their wives had either left them or died before they did.

Long story short, my eye-opener was Seamus Heaney, “The Rain Stick” (from The Spirit Level, 1996). By the way, I checked the version of the poem and it is a perfect copy. Every comma, semicolon, hyphen etc. is in the right place; a somewhat important factor in this particular case.


Other poems for April

From yesterday:

The Academy of American Poets, the ones who initiated National Poetry Month over a decade ago, send out a “Poem-A-Day” during April. The first one for this year was Charles Simic, “Secret History”.

The poetry editors over at one of my favorite anglophone publishing houses, Alfred A. Knopf, have been doing the same thing. For some poems, they also provide audio recordings done by the poet. This was the case yesterday: Mary Jo Salter, “A Phone Call to the Future” (the link to the audio file in mp3 format is right above the poem’s title).

You can also subscribe to email newsletters for both the Academy and Knopf’s “poem-a-day.”


From today:

Poets.org: Robert Creeley, “The Charm”

Knopf: Frank O’Hara, “Avenue A”

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