A Poem for NPM, Day 7

After yesterday’s somewhat longer post, it is going to be short and snappy again today. 1992’s Nobel laureate Derek Walcott shall have the honor. Or rather, I shall have the honor of offering one of his poems.

Derek Walcott, “The Castaway”

I am talking about the first poem on that website. But do read the others as well, by all means. The language and imagery are what make “The Castaway” such a beautiful work of art. And if you have the time and conviction, have a look at his epic poem Omeros (1990). As the name suggests, it is an homage to Homer and his Odyssey, but set in the Caribbean / West Indies, where Walcott himself comes from.


Other poems for April

Poets.org: Alan Shapiro, “Just” (nice title)

Knopf: David Young, “March 10, 2001”

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