Jaguars and Rock at The Moth

So here is the second installment of my Moth story presentations. I hope you enjoyed the first two by Elna and Malcolm. This will also be a double feature but of two entirely different accounts.

Up first is New-York-based zoologist Alan Rabinowitz. He tells of his encounter with a jaguar in the jungle of Central America, how he got there, and where he has gone since. Unlike most Moth stories, this is not a funny one. I would rather call it “realistic” and nevertheless just as good.

Alan Rabinowitz, “Man and Beast” (17:44)

Second today is Dan Kennedy with his aptly titled story “I Am Paid to Write Love Notes to Phil Collins.” Kenndy is a writer and, if we believe his story, failed rock musician. His musings are about arriving just a little too late in Seattle for the Grunge revolution, how he made it “big” in the City, and being able to stay true to rock music and its values while still living the “normal” white-America lifestyle. This is again a funny one.

Dan Kennedy, “I Am Paid to Write Love Notes to Phil Collins” (17:55)

Enjoy these two. Up next are crime novelist Richard Price and columnist Dan Savage.


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