What You Can Do and Cannot

Everybody knows the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is full of hypocritical shitballs. One of America’s finest news outlets thinks so too. But see for yourself…

Somewhat sad, I have to mention that this is just a satire. “ONN – Onion News Network” (slogan: “Making you seem better informed”), which is part of “the ONION,” really hit home with it, though. If this had been a real interview on NBC’s “Today” show, for example, a major rant would have followed. The lack of a rant should of course not belittle the fact that the FCC actually does operate in similar fashion. But instead, here is Seth MacFarlane’s take on the issue by way of his genius show “Family Guy” (the clip is from the episode “PTV”)…

Personally, I am opposed to any kind of censorship whatsoever—not just on TV, but in print media, on the radio, and internet as well. People should be allowed to express themselves in whichever words are necessary to bring their point across, anywhere and everywhere without exception.

Fuck appropriateness. If “fuck” (or any derivation thereof) is the right word to illustrate your emotional state towards the issue in question, then that makes it appropriate. Do not ever let anybody shut you up on account of the words you are using or the thoughts you are expressing with (or without) those words. Freedom of speech is a right, not a fucking privilege.

Here’s to the ideal society.


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