Art In The Mail

so i ordered some prints a few days ago and wanted to share the goodness. the postman got here at 8.30am, which is awesome. usually packages don’t arrive before noon. and there were two of them.

all the fine prints are courtesy of rob loukotka (a.k.a. FringeFocus) from chicago. his website, twitter @FringeFocus, and facebook.

anticipatory unpacking (i know what i’m getting, but still.)

FringeFocus shipping tubes

rob, don’t complain about higher shipping costs if you’re sending out two mailing tubes with items from the same order. *winkwink* but i do appreciate the careful packaging job.

so here’s what was inside

FringeFocus order

in detail, they are: the “Predators” series (“Infested Waters” #43/70; “Frostbite” #18/30; “Birds of Prey” #24/30), “Eight Balls” #72/100, and “Directive?” #122/180. they are all signed, obviously. also there were some stickers. apparently, i got the very last print of the “Eight Balls” run. so that’s awesome.

i wanna do these beauties justice and get them framed properly. besides, finding frames for these “unusual” american sizes around these parts of the world is next to impossible. so real, from-the-ground-up, handmade frames it’s gonna be. though that will take some time on account of the price and my not having much cash at hand right now. i’ll have another post when they’re done and hanging.

naturally, one of the stickers went straight up on my hall of fame.

sticker hall of fame

up next — as soon as the remaining items from the print run go on sale — “The ACME Corporation” poster, a collection of all the ACME products wile e. coyote used to hunt the road runner in the famous looney tunes cartoons. i can’t wait to get my hands on this one. stupid me, i didn’t back the kickstarter project even though i saw it in time.

in case you want to get some prints of your own (there’s other great ones for which i’m lacking funds at the moment and they’re not too pricy, either) the FringeFocus store is at